Whether you’ve just launched a website or you’ve been implementing SEO for a while, the new year is always a good benchmark to reflect on your current SEO strategy and figure out how to make it the most successful possible. As each year passes, SEO evolves and trends change. Here are 5 ways to get a fresh start with your SEO strategy.


Familiarize yourself with the latest search trends.

Technology is ever-evolving and for that reason, so do the trends around it. Knowing the latest search trends puts your current SEO strategy in check to make sure it’s keeping up. Implementing new strategy based on the search trends of each year keeps your content relevant and your engagement on an incline. Learn about The Top SEO Trends of 2018.


Figure out your goals and how SEO can best assist in achieving them.

Your SEO efforts will only be successful if they are aligned with your goals. That being said, you must first be able to identify what those goals are. Make a plan of your business’s main goals and priorities. Then, figure out how your SEO efforts can best assist that. Immediate goals of SEO are to bring more traffic to your website and rank for keyword phrases, but those are results that should contribute to your overarching goals that are likely to drive sales.


Start keyword-to-content mapping

Building a keyword-to-content map is simple: create a list of phrases and terms that result from your strategies and efforts, then make a map to show how you are ranking, what URL you are ranking for, and where you still need to rank. The map gives a better visual of what your priorities need to be moving forward.


Delegate SEO efforts across your team.

Successful SEO takes strategy, research, and monitoring. Breaking down SEO efforts into discrete projects assigned across your team will increase efficiency and allow more watchful eyes to make sure everything is going smoothly. Having members of a team take part in SEO also helps give insight into any gaps that may exist in your strategy currently.


Measure your progress with a keyword rank tracking tool.

Using a measurement system that shows your progress and ties your goals to clear metrics is an incredible way to give your strategy a fresh start. A keyword rank tracking tool shows what you have accomplished with your efforts and where you are headed. Learn more about the different features offered by Rank Mgr, the search engine keyword rank tracking tool.