What Is Rankmgr?

RankMgr is a comprehensive hyper-accurate Google keyword position checker, monitoring as they appear on Google, Yahoo, & Bing.

Why choose RankMgr for your website needs?

We’ve worked with the finest search engine optimization specialists to develop a tool that that allows website owners, administrators, and SEO specialists to track page rank for multiple keywords on multiple domains.

Understanding Rank

Google created the Google PageRank concept to provide web visitors an easy way to determine the popularity of a site based primarily on the quality and quantity of inbound links to that site. There is a complete explanation below. Unfortunately, it is often confused with keyword phrase rank, known simply as page rank, or the rank a page has for a specific keyword phrase.

Keyword phrase rank (page rank) determines the order that the search results appear when a specific phrase is entered. The amount of traffic is based on the keyword phrase rank and popularity of the specific phrase. However, it is important to remember that the amount of traffic to a specific site has no effect on page rank!

Webmasters use a variety of techniques to establish good page rank for attractive phrases. Page rank is affected by a variety of factors including individual page content, the quantity, quality, and relevance of inbound partner links, competition, and other web content. Because there are so many diverse factors, webmasters need to carefully monitor page rank for their critical phrases. By observing the movement of these ranks through time, the webmaster can alter their strategy accordingly.

RankMgr provides all the tools needed to measure and manage rank. It provides a hyper-accurate history of rank for any number of phrases. Webmasters can easily track multiple keywords in multiple domains (including competitors). The results can by viewed on a console, graph, or downloaded to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

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