AMP Plugin Description

Enable Accelerated Mobile Pages (Google AMP) on your WordPress site including Google analytics, social sharing, embedded YouTube/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram content, logo, ads, iframes, slideshows, featured posts and more. This plugin typically requires only configuration and no programming for pages and posts. However, one of our partners provides free support for all installations.

Visible Google AMP Elements

This is a comprehensive Google AMP plugin that includes the following elements:

  • Publisher image (appears in AMP card search result)
  • Page banner image (with selectable background color)
  • Ads (including sticky footer ads and Adsense AMP auto code)
  • Social sharing for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and email displayed as beneath the headline, the post, or as a sticky footer
  • Navigation (sidebar overlay) using native WordPress menus (with selectable icon color)
  • Search (only available for HTTPS domains) with selectable icon color
  • Category list (optional)
  • Tag list (optional)
  • Iframes
  • Multiple custom code blocks for ads and other elements
  • Inline ad code insertion every X words (useful for long articles)
  • Native WordPress slideshows
  • Meta Slider (plugin) slideshows
  • Related posts based on tags and categories (with/without thumbnails)
  • Additional posts based on a specific category (with/without thumbnails)
  • Google, Chartbeat, Comscore, and Quantcast Analytics
  • Embedded YouTube, JW Player, and Vimeo video
  • Embedded Facebook posts and videos, Tweets, and Instagram posts

Additional Features

This plugin also does the following:

  • Include/exclude all pages or posts
  • Include/exclude other custom post types
  • Override the post author field with a custom field
  • Specify a sub-heading with a custom field and control the styling
  • Specify additional custom styles for all elements
  • Perform inline code substitutions with the ad code blocks for category, slug, canonical, and URL (typically used for ad targeting)
  • Exclude content published before a specific date
  • Exclude individual categories
  • Exclude individual posts
  • Includes a visible link back to the original non-AMP version of the pos
  • Specify a default featured image for posts that have no images
  • Adds meta tag to original page notifying Google that there is an AMP page
  • Add canonical meta tag to AMP page identifying original page
  • Strips out disallowed attributes in HTML including style, size, color, clear, contenteditable
  • Strips out disallowed attributes in hyperlink tag HTML including shape, url, imageanchor
  • Strips out disallowed attributes in table tag HTML including height
  • Strips out disallowed elements in caption tag HTML including align
  • Only loads approved AMP scripts that are required to support on-page elements

Getting Started

This is NOT a free plugin. The plugin subscription and license can only be purchased through us and costs $600 per year for the primary domain, and $150 per year for each additional domain. Please click here to contact us and we will usually respond in less than an hour.

AMP Settings Screen Shot

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