As with most strategies in the era of digital marketing, SEO is rapidly evolving. Digital marketing and SEO are more than keywords and links: they are about showing comprehensive value to all that you do. Changing in ways beyond recognition, some have argued that the practice of SEO is dead when that’s simply not the case. In reality, maintaining successful results just requires keeping up with the changing times. If you are unsure where to start, here are 3 tips to improve your skills for how SEO is evolving.


Clearly address your point.

Online use spans across different devices, but two things remain true. First, users are heading to search engines to address their problems and inquiries. Second, attention span is at an all-time low. For this reason, make sure that your point is clearly outlined and addressed in every piece of online content you create. If you are building a website, be sure that the layout directs the visitor to the page they are looking for. If you are creating a blog article, utilize relevant headings and keep your writing effective yet concise. The faster you can answer their question, the more satisfaction you will foster in the user’s experience.


Address the impact of artificial intelligence.

Not only does online use span across different devices, some of them now have advanced machine-learning capabilities. A highly discussed trend of the past year has been the prevalence of using mobile devices to access the internet. However, that trend is evolving even further where desktop and mobile are not the only platforms marketers need to focus on. The use of voice search is exploding in popularity due to conversational AI devices like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. Because of this, practicing SEO requires content to be optimized for desktop, mobile, and voice search. Taking all three realms into account will help marketers keep their business competitive and relevant online.


Perform an SEO audit and keyword rank monitoring.

Because such a strong emphasis is being placed on high-quality content for the success of SEO, it is important to perform an audit of your efforts. Have you cultivated a strong presence for your brand? Does your written content serve as a valuable resource for your audience? How is the usability of your website? The answers to these questions must all work together to maximize your online marketing strategy. Focusing on one element is not going to be enough to get the results you’re looking for in the expanding and evolving world of the IoT. The best way to successfully perform an SEO audit is to use helpful resources, such as a keyword rank tracking tool to monitor your efforts and get a visual of what is working and what is not.