You find an automated SEO tool that guarantees automatic top ranking search results. Sounds like a good deal, right? In reality, it’s not that simple and can actually be harmful to your overall SEO efforts. While the short-term success of manufactured SEO may seem appealing, it uses automated actions that manipulate results and often go against Google’s Terms and Conditions, leading to a ban on search results. They also can look like spam to your audience by producing low-quality content that serves little value to readers.

On the other hand, organic SEO incorporates a handcrafted process that is earned, Google-compliant, and long-lasting.

Elements of the Organic SEO Process:

First, a website is built and strategically optimized for users and search engines. Content is then consistently posted to the website that is engaging and keyword phrases are relevant to user search queries. Organic SEO websites are built without:

  • Keyword stuffing, or repeating keywords excessively to trick the algorithms of the search engine.
  • Doorway pages, or pages that are optimized for a keyword in order to direct users to a different page.
  • Shallow content or duplicate content.
  • Hidden text in the background that is seen by search engines but not human visitors.
  • Cloaking, or displaying a different version of your website to search engines than what human visitors can see.

To promote efforts effectively, the new website content is announced on other web platforms (like social media sites) to reach visitors. High-quality content is more likely to get shared and high engagement on posts. These earned visual endorsements will indicate to search engines that your website is a valuable resource worthy of ranking.

Main Benefits of Organic SEO:

Throughout the entire process, organic SEO is researched, prepared, and adapted without any shortcuts. Free of automation, it is powered by human SEO professionals that understand the nuances of a human audience. While it is more labor intensive, the results are long-lasting and more resonating by providing useful, relevant content.