Once you have made your purchase and setup your account, you may need some help getting started.
Check out our how-to guide here or view our FAQ’s for specific questions.
If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

The Basics

Rank Manager is organized by Accounts, Baskets and Keywords.

Your account is assigned the appropriate number of keywords based on the package you purchased. Within your account, you can setup multiple baskets.

Each basket can hold as many keywords as you like. For instance, if you purchased the Gold package, you could setup 2 baskets with 40 keywords, totaling 80 keywords (or any combination totaling up to 80 keywords).

The keywords are the whole point of why Rank Manager is so awesome! Add your keywords and start tracking your website’s SEO value. This is one of the strongest and most necessary SEO reporting tools around. Need help figuring out which keywords you should be tracking? We can provide a custom keyword analysis for your website. Find out more!

New Basket Creation

Make sure you’re properly logged in and let’s go!

  • Click on “New Basket”

Setup menu arrow



  • Enter the basket name, description, url (do not use http or www – ie: rankmgr.com)
  • You can enter custom delivery options or use the account options
  • Click save

Add Keywords

Congratulations, you created your 1st basket! You can repeat the same steps to setup additional baskets for different domains. Now you’re ready to add keywords.

  • Click on “Keywords”

new basket arrow



Now you’re in the Keyword Management Console. There are 3 ways to add keywords.

  1. One at a time
    — Type your phrase into the Keyword field
    — Click “Add”
  2. Many at a time
    — Click on “Keywords”
    — Type or paste your phrases into the large Keyword field (one phrase per line please)
    — Click “Add”
  3. Upload CSV file
    — Make sure your CSV file is formatted with just one column with your phrases
    — Click “Import Multiple Keywords”
    — Choose your file
    — Click “Upload”

Setting your initial sort

Since you will be receiving a weekly report, you will want to make sure the report gives you the information you want in the order you need to see it. A common sort order is:

  1. Last
  2. Week
  3. Keyword

Click on the heading “Last”. Then, holding down the “shift key”, click on “Week”, then click on “Keyword”. You’ll see a small number appear next to the headings showing you the sort order. Click “Save Sort” above the first column to save your sort.

That’s it! Now you sit back, relax and wait for the keyword position tracker to begin.
Don’t worry, it only takes a few hours for your initial rankings to populate.

Not getting the results you want? Send us a message and we'll put you in touch with one of our SEO partners.


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