What does the value N/A mean?

This value means that the rank was not found in the top 100 results.

How do I reset/change my password?

If you have lost your password, you can reset it by clicking the “Reset Password” text link on the login page.

If you want to change your password, login and click on the “Change Password” link that appears to the right of your account name.

What do the red numbers with the minus sign (-) mean?

This means that the current rank has fallen over the past 7 days (week) or 30 days (month). The numeric value represents how many spots the rank has decreased.

What does the plus sign (+) mean when it appears next to a rank?

This symbol is shown when the current rank has improved from a rank greater than 100 (N/A).


What do the green numbers mean?

This means the current rank has improved in rank over the past 7 days (week) or 30 days (month). The value represents how many spots a particular phrase has improved for the weekly or monthly rank change.

How can I change order (sort) of the data?

Right-click using your mouse on any of the underlined column headings (Keyword, Domain, Last, Week, or Month).  An additional click will change the sequence from ascending to descending.  To add an additional sort field, hold the shift key and click on the column heading.

How do I enter keywords?

On the Keyword Management Console, click on the text link “Add New Keyword”.  You can either add keywords individually or by uploading a tab delimited document.



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