Keyword Tracking

Google, Yahoo and Bing are the big three search engines with Google being #1. RankMgr® tracks the first 100 results (10 pages) in each of these search engines.

Rank View

The keyword console not only shows you your most recent rank, but also tracks the change from ranks retrieved 7 and 30 days earlier.

Custom Sorting

Custom sorting allows you to view your data by keyword, domain, most recent rank, or rank change.

Track multiple keywords in ANY domain (including competitors keywords)!

You control your list of keywords which can include websites managed by you or your competitors.

Multiple Keyword Baskets

Separate keyword baskets for SEO administrators with multiple clients or domains Create a separate basket with its own distinct email delivery options.

Adjust Keyword Phrases

Add or delete new keyword phrases at any time directly from the keyword console.

Import Multiple Keywords

The console includes an import function that allows you to import a list of keywords and domains from a comma delimited file.

Custom Email Reporting

You can configure email delivery options for each keyword basket and receive daily, weekly, or monthly reports to multiple email addresses.

Export Functionality

The console includes an export function that will create an Excel spreadsheet or print the information being displayed on the console.

No Google API needed!

This system does not require you to have a Google API. No search engine queries of any kind are ever performed from your machine.

Secure Login

Your data and information is protected from hackers using automated requests to get a password.


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